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Oh mother Russia… It is the largest country in the world with around 150 million people living in it. It has a thousand year history with a lot of ups and downs, victories and successes along with darker times and rough periods. The Russian people are very warm and welcoming and Parcelabc will be your parcel’s guide when you there emerges a need to send something it to Russia.

Whatever it is you are sending - Parcelabc will help you find the best way to deliver your package in to Russia. Small or large, heavy or light, whatever traits your package may possess, we will give you plenty of shipping options to choose from. With regards to international shipment from the UK to Russia, a person needs to know both the legal system, nuanced complexities of Russian and UK customs of the two countries. Alongside being able to find good logistical solutions, Parcelabc wants to help you find the most optimal ways to deliver your parcel to the destination address in Russia.

If you want to avoid wasting tremendous amounts of time and energy trying to get your parcel into Russia, the obvious choice is to trust a dependable company like Parcelabc. Fill out the quote with the basic information about the parcel headed to Russia, and we will provide you all of the necessary information about import charges (if they are applicable) and individual postage rates from many local and international companies.

You can then look at the quote to find out about the cheapest ways to transport your particular parcel(s) from the UK to Russia like a breeze. We can reassure you, that the parcel will reach its destination in the birthplace of the matrioshka doll quickly and cheaply.

Posting to Russia from the UK can be done via:

  • Airmail – to the regions of Russia that lie further off from Europe and are more remote.
  • Sea postage – St.Petersburg and its other neighbouring areas if the parcel is very large
  • Road – Kaliningrad, European part of Russia.

By choosing Parcelabc to carry your package to Russia, you remove all worries from your shoulders with regards to: collection, postage, delivery and cost efficiency.

Each of the companies that you see in the quote, provide top-quality door to door delivery to Russia services. Parcelabc will not confine you to choose one particular company: we want to become a reliable partner and help you get the package to Russia in the cheapest or quickest way, depending on your personal preferences. Since Russia is so vast and incomprehensibly large, there are a lot of options when choosing postage companies and which one to choose for your particular deliveries.

How to know what is the price and what the costs will be to send a parcel to Russia?

There are no fixed price list for shipping to Russia. The costs of shipping can be accurately calculated after you enter the weigh and dimensions in to the quote calculator on Parcelabc’s website.

What is the cheapest way to deliver my package to Russia from the UK?

It all depends on the parcel you are trying to send and its specifications. By looking at the quote, you can select the cheapest or the quickest options for postage to Russia available. If you choose express postage, naturally your delivery will become a bit more expensive. By looking at the quote you can choose the visible cheapest option or to work with a courier company you have done business with previously. Found a cheaper offer elswhere? Share it with us and we will match it!

Postage to Russia from the UK: what can I send to Russia in a parcel?

You can send anything to Russia, except a list of restricted or banned goods. Besides the obvious banned items, such as: guns, drugs, dangerous chemical compounds and live animals, Russia also restricts a few other items that should be noted. Lithium batteries and equipment containing lithium batteries, except a mobile phone, tablet or consumers electronics, which are marked as gifts, have their packages already opened and cannot be used for commercial purposes inside Russia. Also a strange thing worth pointing out - Colour copiers are also prohibited by the Russian customs.


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